• Providing comprehensive telecommunications solutions
  • Planning and developing telecommunications systems
  • Consulting and help with choosing the best solutions
  • Delivery, installing and connecting the equipment
  • Maintenance and servicing of the telecommunications equipment
ADD COM d.o.o.
Tbilisijska ulica 81, 1000 Ljubljana

Tel.: +386(0)1 257 63 45
Fax: +386(0)1 257 63 47


ADD COM d.o.o. provides solutions for the most demanding systems in the field of simple protocol conversions, realization of network connections, planning and fitting of telecommunication nodes, connection of telecommunication nodes to the existing network.

Suppliers of equipment

Quality operations of telecommunications system also depend on the installed equipment, therefore we are working with only the best suppliers.

Our long-term suppliers of equipment are Nokia Siemens Networks and IMC Networks, but they are not the only ones, since we are very flexible when looking for specific solutions and we are establishing business relationships with all suppliers that could help us with successful implementation of a project.