• Providing comprehensive telecommunications solutions
  • Planning and developing telecommunications systems
  • Consulting and help with choosing the best solutions
  • Delivery, installing and connecting the equipment
  • Maintenance and servicing of the telecommunications equipment
ADD COM d.o.o.
Tbilisijska ulica 81, 1000 Ljubljana

Tel.: +386(0)1 257 63 45
Fax: +386(0)1 257 63 47

What ADD COM d.o.o. has to offer?

- Providing solutions for the most demanding systems;
- Flexibility and adaptability according to the client's needs;
- Installing quality equipment;
- Comprehensive technical knowledge of the staff;
- The ability to take on technologically demanding projects;
- Responsiveness, technical perfection and comprehensive implementation of projects.

PLANNING of telecommunications systems
DELIVERY-INSTALLATION integration of equipment
SERVICING of telecommunication equipment